a fresh start



Cynthia here and I’ve been working towards revamping my blog! This year a goal of mine is to really get into blogging (and vlogging) I’m gonna try really hard to make a goal to do a post once a week. I need to sit down and actually plan what I want to blog about and get a little idea board going! You may know that I’ve been a blogger for years now and I actually had another layout on another site….well that is where the fresh start comes in, I decided to finally make this official and purchase my own domain…that’s right I am now thewholelifemama.blog.com and I couldn’t be more excited for this next chapter. Having a fresh start is very refreshing and very motivating!

Some regular posts you will definitely see are my pregnancy updates (which I will put out once a month) I will be 16 weeks tomorrow, so look out for my 4 month update post! You will also see just life updates of our little family, some photography, maybe some home posts (before & afters) or diy projects, I may even sneak in a recipe or two (lol), some mama posts, marriage, I love Jesus and I definitely want to do posts on my faith!

I just wanted to pop on here real quick to make my “first” post! I’m actually trying really hard to figure out how to export my posts from my old website to this one, but I’m having a tough time doing so…so I think what might happen is I’ll just really make this a fresh start but still just keep my old posts on my old website and call it a day.

If you are interested at all here is the link to my old website if you’d like to see some older posts from me. Old Site Otherwise, follow along here for some pretty awesome adventures!

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