1 month bump update | baby #4


How far along are you? 
5w 1d

How big is baby?
I use the app Ovia Pregnancy. For Week 5 it says baby is the size of a peppercorn.

How are you feeling?
I feel really tired all the time. The only way I could describe it is zombie like…I feel like I could hardly function as the day goes on. I’ve been resting a lot as the boys play and then I get little boosts of energy throughout the day to try and get some chores done and kids fed. I am also very hungry…all the time. I have gotten a little bit nauseous this past week but nothing I can’t handle. This week a new symptom of sore breasts.

How is sleep?
Sleep is going really well, no complaints there!

Best moment this week?
Getting confirmation from the doctor.

What Foods do you love and hate?
I Love spicy food and honestly not interested at all in eating healthy atm.

What are you looking forward to?
Our ultrasound and hearing the baby’s heartbeat, just knowing everything is ok!


Anything else to report?
I had a doctor’s appointment today and I left feeling a little nervous and scared. I get into the details a little bit better on my video update so head over there to check it out (and you get belly footage as well).
Anyways when my doctor walked in she told me that the test was positive but it was a faint positive…it actually really scared me (but honestly now that I think about it it was a 2pm appointment…the best time to test is in the morning) anyways she talked to me about getting an ultrasound when I was about 7 Weeks and we had figured I was 5 weeks at the appointment. She asked about my previous period, so I told her it was a spotty (abnormal) period. She said it could have been implantation and that if it was I would be 4 weeks further along then I am. She also said I could get blood work done a couple times before the ultrasound as a way to keep track of the hcg levels. I told her I didn’t want to if I had to do a dating ultrasound anyways. I kind of felt like I was going to have a miscarriage with the way the conversation was going. She told me not to be concerned. I guess Doctor’s just have to tell you everything even if it may be a little scary to hear. I left the office feeling very nervous and called my husband and then sat in the van and cried. I was really scared to have a miscarriage. So there will be a lot of praying and waiting for our ultrasound in the new year.


Though we don’t know what the future holds…we do know that there is a little human in there now (we pray that they are growing and developing) I still cannot believe that we are pregnant and I am going to enjoy this pregnancy and cherish this whole journey.

If you would like to see a video update of my 1 Month update go check it out here 🙂

1 Month Bump Update




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