2 months bump update | baby #4


How far along are you?
​8w 6d

How big is baby?
According to my Ovia Pregnancy app baby is the size of a wild strawberry.


How are you feeling?
Still very tired, definitely not as hungry, but very sore breast and I actually experienced my very first “so nauseous I could puke moment this past week” I also did a workout today I did the Week 1 workout from Bikini body mommy pregnancy series! I really enjoyed it. I feel so thankful to be able to workout still!

How is sleep?
Honestly sleep is already starting to feel uncomfortable. I am a huge tummy sleeper, so a couple days ago I ordered my pregnancy/nursing pillow this is the one I love and honestly can’t survive without pillow seriously my saving grace. It just came in the mail today too so Ima sleep good tonight!!!!

Best moment this week?
I had my dating ultrasound (Jayden had to go to work so he couldn’t be there) I got to see the little baby moving a bit and saw the heart beating. I have been really nervous with the waiting game since my first doctor’s appointment. I honestly thought a lot about losing this baby and just unsure that things were ok…so when the tech showed me our sweet little peanut my whole heart melted. Guys…I am so head over heels for this little human. I feel so blessed that God chose me to be his/her mama and I am looking forward to our journey through this pregnancy.
​We are due August 16th!


What Foods do you love and hate?
I still love the spicy foods (I could eat kimchi everyday…so I foresee us making lots of trips to Jasper to enjoy the Kimchi House…Costco also sells big tubs of it for like $10 and it’s actually pretty decent) I’m also starting to think about eating a bit healthier. I am tossing around the idea of starting a whole30 (before you think I’m crazy…lol It’s definitely not for weight loss)…but more for just reaping the benefits of having more energy and just feeling my best during this pregnancy. There is nothing I hate at this point. I definitely love that I have very few nausea and that I am able to still eat pretty well whatever I want.

What are you looking forward to?
I didn’t think this would be my answer but watching my belly grow, witnessing my baby growing in there. I am really happy I have God on my side right now…he has given me that acceptance I was looking and praying for. I may not be starting at the weight I wanted…but I am soo thankful that I get to have this pregnancy.


Anything else to report?
We shared our news on social media. I am blown away by all the love and support from our friends and family (and even people we haven’t met) This is one loved little baby.

My goals these next couple weeks are to keep active (because I feel so good…minus the fatigue I know I can workout!) also when it warms up a bit to get my morning walks with my pup again!


If you would like to see a video update of my 2 month update go check out my video here 🙂 2 month bump update



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