3 months bump update | baby #4


​How far along are you?
15w 3d

How big is baby?
Baby is the size of an avocado!

How are you feeling?
I am still experiencing that fatigue I’ve been struggling with! This is no joke…it is a real thing. So tired all the time!!!! Emotionally I am feeling good, but I think because of the fatigue, it definitely has a bit of an effect on my emotional side of things. I haven’t had the energy to really do much these past few weeks! There are a lot of things I want to do around our house but even finding the energy for getting things like daily chores and dinner on the table has been a challenge for me!


How is sleep?
Sleep has been such an awesome thing for me (I’m still loving my maternity pillow) Sleep has been something I’ve been looking forward to! I do wake up the odd night of the week to have to go pee in the middle of the night (which can get annoying) but I am thankful that it isn’t happening every night…yet.

Best moment this week?
The last couple of weeks I’ve been feeling tiny little movements from Baby! Teeny little bubbles of movements from babe, they are hard to describe but I know it’s baby!!!! At first I thought it couldn’t be (it started happening around 10-11 weeks) I figured maybe it was just gas! But it is feeling more and more like that is a tiny little baby making those feelings in my belly. It usually happens when I lay down at night to watch a show with Jayden, at times of me trying to relax. I have to say I’ve always loved feeling the babies in my belly, it is something that never get’s old for me!


What Foods do you love and hate?
Chocolate and Eggs are back on the love list and this makes me so happy! Orange juice is still my must have everyday (we literally go though jugs of it!) It’s probably my favorite thing in the whole world right now.
Pickles are my jam right now…I literally enjoy 3 pickles every night before bed lol.

So unfortunately coffee and I are breaking up (insert crying face) the past few weeks I have had several “off” days with coffee and this past week in particular I can’t even finish my coffee’s. I don’t like regular brewed coffee, french press, Italian espresso, Tim Hortons, and a couple days ago I even tried a Carmel Mocha Latte (which if you know me you know that this is my favorite specialty drink) Friends….this makes me so sad! Hopefully I will be able to come back to drinking it again during this pregnancy or at least post partum.

What are you looking forward to?
I’m looking forward to starting some knitting projects for the baby! I have a couple patterns saved that I can’t wait to order yarn for and dig into! Of course it will be more exciting when we find out the gender so I can really focus on colors of yarn…and start the baby’s blanket. But I also can’t wait to knit up a couple little tiny knit pants and some cardigans either 🙂


Anything else to report?
I wasn’t sure I wanted to add this in, but I do want to be able to document my pregnancy with all the ups and downs and everything in between.
Friday February 2nd just before Jayden and I were about to go to sleep for the night I went to use the bathroom and noticed some bleeding. It wasn’t a tonne, but it was definitely enough to alarm us. So we went to the hospital to get checked. I’ve experienced some spotting with pregnancies but not really bleeding like this, So I was very nervous and scared the entire time!
We got to the hospital and the doctor checked down below and told me that the cervix was closed and that that is really good thing. He says that if it was open, we may be experiencing a miscarriage.
I honestly wasn’t in any pain at all at that point (besides them having to check which can definitely get uncomfortable) He came back into the room with a portable ultrasound machine and we scanned for the baby. Doctor said that he wasn’t trained to read ultrasounds or anything but we wanted to see if we could see the baby anyways. We found the baby and he then told us he didn’t know if the heart was beating or now but he did say the baby’s blood was flowing he showed Jayden where that was.
I kind of felt clueless as to if everything was ok at this point…the Doctor was a very nice calming guy, but I just wished so badly that my own Doctor was there with us!
He said we should get a call Monday to set up a proper ultrasound at the hospital to really take a good look at baby and make sure everything is ok. So I should be hearing something tomorrow and hopefully get in right away.
I woke up this morning and it has turned into light spotting and not very much of it. So if the cervix is closed and now it’s only light spotting I’m gonna try to keep positive as those are two good things.
After talking with friends who have experienced these kinds of things during their pregnancies…my mind is as ease. Sometimes we never know why bleeding in pregnancy can happen, sometimes it has nothing to do with the pregnancy at all. It can be a variety of different reasons and sometimes Doctor’s don’t have answers to why things happen.

I’ve learned that I am not in control, that Jesus is in control. He will take care of me and Baby, his hands will protect us, and he has a plan for us! We don’t know what that plan is, but I need to trust in Him.
“Don’t let your heart be troubled.” -John 14:1

*Update- As of February 12th the spotting has stopped. I also went in for my prenatal and had to do a urine test to see if there was a bladder infection we might have missed. A couple days after the doctor called and yes I do have one…so I am on antibiotics now (bummer) I honestly had no symptoms for this infection so we really didn’t even know. Not sure if this is where the spotting could have come from that is unknown. But glad we figured out my infection before it got really bad. My appointment went really well, she says everything still looks great and at the appointment we even got to hear baby’s heartbeat ❤




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