baby #4 on the way

Well Hello world!

I’ve taken an incredibly long vacation from my blog! But I am ready to get back into the swing of things because……

We’re Pregnant!!!!!


Baby #4 is growing in my tummy as we speak! I cannot believe this!
Jayden and I have been trying to conceive for about 5 months now, It has been a struggle for me to have waited this long. If you know us…you know that pregnancy has come so fast for us…all 3 times!
But God had other plans this time around and he planned this one so perfectly.

The past year has been incredibly hard for me, I’ve been in and out of depression and even to the point of going on medication for it! It has been a journey…a not so very fun one at times.
But while we went to England in August we thought it was time to start trying for another baby and I made the decision to come off of the medication…but I guess it took my body a couple of months to come off of the medication and for God’s timing to line everything up.

I’ve struggled tremendously with my self image these past couple of months and I recently just learned to let those thoughts about myself go. And BAM…we are pregnant!

I am so excited for this journey, I may not be 100% ok with my body and the image I have…but when I saw that tiny little second pink line on our pregnancy test all my worries and anxiety about my image have vanished! I may have hard days here and there and I know that…but guys…I get to experience growing another precious little being. I am so thankful for this, maybe it’s not the “ideal” time for me as I really, really wanted to lose more weight before this pregnancy…but that sooo doesn’t matter anymore.

So let’s back up a couple days (or in this case a couple weeks…as I won’t post this until my loved ones know our secret, which won’t be until the New Year at least)

Thursday, December 7th I was getting ready to hop in the shower and decided to just pee in a cup and dip the pregnancy strip test in there. I jumped in the shower and then about 10 minutes later Jayden came into the bathroom so I asked him to look at the strip and he said “What there’s two lines” (in a no big deal kinda way) and I opened the curtain and said “WHAT!!! No way!!!!” and he said “What? is this is a pregnancy test or an ovulation test?” (as we tried those last month)
“Oh my goodness….we’re pregnant….NO WAY HONEY…..Really????” says my excited self!
Tears started to fill my eyes….I couldn’t believe it. It felt like we were trying forever!
I called and made a Doctor’s appointment and I am booked in for December 28th (forever away from now)

December 8th- I took a digital test…

December 9th- I took another strip test!

So stay tuned for our updates during this pregnancy I don’t think I will do them weekly this time but definitely at least every couple of weeks!

I can’t believe there is a little “squish” inside of me ❤ My heart could explode!

(I wanted to add that I exported this post from my last blog site) It was written on December 9th, 2017



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