6 month bump update | baby #4


how far along are you? 25w 1d

how big is baby? baby boy is the size of a Napa Cabbage!

how are you feeling? I am feeling huge. I’m getting a little bit uncomfortable these days, and am experiencing some stretching on my left side a lot of the day. I’m still tired, but nothing compared to that zombie feeling of the first couple of months!

how is sleep? sleep is still my favorite time of day 🙂 It’s so wonderful to just fall into my bed snuggle into my maternity pillow and catch some zzz’s. I still don’t wake up in the night to use the bathroom and I am hanging onto that for as long as possible. Lol. I’m actually really….really thankful that I get awesome sleep as those first few months with baby can be so exhausting!

best moment of the week? Even though it is a strange feeling, baby boy kicked me so hard that it made me a jump. What an odd thing to have as the best moment this week? Well I am just so happy that little man is growing and moving and grooving. Makes me so happy. A huge exciting thing that has happened though is I got a new camera and lens (can you tell?) yesterday we took it out to Jasper Lake and Jayden snapped all of these shots of me ❤

what foods do you love? hate? Everything bad is what I love, anything frozen and sweet, fries, I do still love pickles, grapefruit and other fruit as well. Honestly I just love to eat. There’s nothing I don’t like at this point.

what are you looking forward to? meeting this little guy. Everything he moves, I get so exciting and just can’t help but think of how he will look, what he will be like? I’m looking forward to having my body back, and really focusing on taking care of myself. Getting back into shape…finally shedding all the baby weight.

anything else to report? we have been working on an update for baby’s growth. There have been a couple of things that we have found via ultrasound that we have been having to monitor with his growth. I’ll be putting that update up in the next couple of days as it needs to be a whole different post to explain what has been going on. Thanks for following along our journey. We are excited to have this little boy, and it is still so crazy that we will have 4 boys! A family of 6! God is so good. I am such a proud boy mama!


Outfit: Dress from Walmart (so surprised when I saw it last summer) Leggings are American Eagle (non maternity but they are very comfortable)



4 thoughts on “6 month bump update | baby #4”

  1. Thank you Wellness Mama for sharing this stage of your journey! Your photography work is beautiful and it looks like you had a beautiful day at “Jasper Lake”! Glad to hear you are catching “zzz”s these days. What a beautiful part of the world you guys live in! Miss you already,

    Allana Shumka – Green Goddess Living/North Raven Studio 😉🙃😘


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