IG Time Management

This has been something on my heart and mind for awhile now. I’ve been feeling like I’m kind of be swallowed with my time spent on IG. Just recently I’ve really opened my eyes to how much time I am actually spending on this wonderful, but time consuming, app. I have always been the type of person who loves to engage with others. If someone takes a minute of their day to comment on an image I post, I’m going to be sure to reply to them, thank them, answer any questions they ask. If you follow me you know this. I am very involved with several other things in the IG world as well. I am in a few engagement groups that I just love, I’ve met some amazing mothers/friends this way. It’s been so nice to support one another, and build relationships with one another.

I am a co-creator of a beautiful Hub called @rose_colored_childhood  (RCC) and it is literally my IG baby. My IG bestie and I created it together and it has been so wonderful to feature other artists and lift others up. That in itself was a bit time consuming at first…but now it has gotten easier to run, we also added a new mod and she is wonderful.

I mod 3 days a week for other hubs, and then every evening for my own. Modding is featuring an image from an artist that tags our hub. I try to do 2-3 features during that day.

Then there are loops I am in, which I absolutely adore, because I feel like this has been where I’ve seen the most growth with my work. It’s been fun making connections with the artists in my loops, but it has been so good for me to really focus on capturing the images I will use for these loops weekly, or bi-weekly, or even monthly depending on the loop.

All of these things are very good things, but there can be dangers. The biggest danger I am feeling is…time management. I do know that it doesn’t have to be a dangerous thing. I am trying to find ways to use my time effectively, to still have these beautiful community engagements. But to be more present with my husband and little boys, and my life outside of social media.

I’m gonna write these “tips” in more of a “I’m working towards” way because these are ways I am working on for myself. So I don’t really think I can call them tips for time management. I’ve been feeling convicted, I can feel Jesus tugging at my heart. To use my time wisely, in a way that I can still be active with my IG community, but also spend less time on this app.

~ Weekends off. The only time I’ll allow myself to turn my IG app on, is when I need to feature on RCC (I am the evening mod) there are 3 of us and we each feature once a day.

~ Utilize the app for community/relationships/prayer. I’ve met some amazing people, some I’ve grown super close with. I love that we can ask each other for prayer when needed or lift each other up, or just straight up supporting one another by engaging.

~ Set a timer for scrolling/engaging. As much as I’d love to like/comment on everyones images, I need to cut back on this. Maybe set a time to go through the feed of the people I follow and allow myself a time limit to like and comment on different artists.

~Modding/featuring. The days I mod for hubs…take time in the morning to set the 3 features up, I use google keep notes to keep everything organized, that way I can access it from my computer and phone. Have the images ready to go in my phone, so all I need to do is log in and feature, copy, paste from google notes and continue with my day.

~No phone at night. I find this one hard, but it will be so good for me to stop using my screen at night, to connect more with my Husband (be more present). Grab a book instead. I think I’ll cut myself off from screens at 7:30pm each night.


Well that is all for my thoughts. Thanks for listening, and I hope some of these “tips” may work for you, or get you thinking about your time management. If you have any other tips for me, please comment down below. I would love to hear them!

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