Hello my name is Cynthia. I’m the girl behind “thewholelifemama”! I am a married woman (to Jayden) and I literally fall more in love with my husband as the days go by. We met young (19), got engaged young (20) and got married young (21) We just celebrated our 10 Years of Marriage this past summer! We have 3 little loves who are very energetic, fun loving little boys…Isaiah (6), Jens (4) & Anders (2) we also have another little one on the way and we are due in August! If that isn’t crazy enough for you…we have a huge fur baby as well…Henrik our Mountain Dog! We live in a cozy little cedar wood home tucked outside of the rocky mountains in Alberta, Canada!

We are vloggers as well! We try to put out a couple vlogs a week and I do hope to work up to daily vlogging, so be sure to head over to MadsenFamily on Youtube and subscribe to us if you’d like!

I’ve been a photographer for as long as I can remember and I just love documenting our life! I also think that I am sometimes trapped in an older generation as I love all things Old fashioned, I’m super sentimental about old things, I love to knit, crochet & sew, I love to drink tea and my favorite thing is honestly just sitting back and breathing in all the things around me. Living for those little things. Having kids has really taught me to see things from their eyes, I love how excited they get at some of the things we often don’t see.

So here on this blog I plan to document our life as a family of soon to be 6! Blogging about motherhood, our adventures, our home, marriage, faith and honestly whatever makes my heart happy. So thank you for stopping by. I also want to add that I love me some social media so be sure to check out my social links at the bottom of my site!